Next Season



BedlamB Theatre - Next Year

For our next season we aim to continue productions of new writing from either within our group or from enthusiastic newcomers.

Mission Statement

To work on developing material and from both published and unpublished sources which are both contemporary and dynamic and by using new writers, new directors.
To achieve excellence by giving the best of oneself through 100% commitment.
Using creative and innovative ideas with energy and enthusiasm. Using our combined talents and freedom of thought, we have the tools and ability to work on ideas and material and to shape it into something original and exciting for both audience and actor.
Everyone should be given the opportunity to get up and demonstrate their abilities.
Working towards the same goal, by working as a team and keeping focused on the Company as a collective.



If you are playwright who would like to see you work performed we would be happy to read your scripts. You can write to us at [Bedlamb Theatre Company]



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Last updated: April 15, 2008